Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time 2009!

I think Christmas is pretty much everyone's favorite holiday. I used to want to meet someone who had a different favorite holiday, like Halloween or Easter, just for the sake of some variety. But over the years I have come to realize that there is a reason that Christmas is the favorite holiday. Once you get past the excitement of gifts and good food, you see that there is more to Christmas than any other holiday. It is a time that families come together to celebrate a greater cause than any other, the birth of our Savior. You to spend time together and enjoy each other's company, which as you get older and move away from home, this time becomes precious because it is rare. I think another large part of the joy of Christmas is celebrating someone else's life, someone else's perfection, someone else's impact your own life and the lives of others. Another huge part is that Christmas is a big deal. People all over the world celebrate Christmas. Most people don't have to work, go to school, or do anything they don't want to. It is a widely observed holiday that has been celebrated for centuries. These elements help make this time of year have a certain spirit about it that cannot be replicated. The Christmas carols, decorations, stories, and treats all contribute. It is all very special and it is these extra things that make Christmas everyone's favorite holiday, including mine. And this year's Christmas has been absolutely fabulous for all the above reasons!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So I am home now and Abby came home with me. It has been so much fun so far! We have had a GNI (Girl's Night In) and I have shown her around Monroe. It was weird going around Monroe and showing her all the places that I used to go all the time, but haven't been there for so long. And it just made me realize what a good childhood I had and as much as I hated growing up here, I actually love it here because it is my home. And I want to be able to come home to it. I also just love my little sisters! They are all so fun! And so cute! We just have such good times and I am so glad they are related to me and not going anywhere! :) It is always great to come home and remember where you come from and spend time with people who love you and will always be there for you. Family time is just the best!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Coming to an End

I can not believe the summer is almost over! It seriously feels like it just started but it also feels like so much has happened! And that is probably because a lot has happened! It has been such a good summer! I have loved so many things about it! Also I have grown so much spiritually and learned so much about myself. I feel like the times that you do completely random, different things you have experiences that make you grow in areas that you didn't even know you could grow. And to change in ways you never knew you wanted to change. These adventures are what make you who you are. And make you different from everyone else. No one person will ever experience the exact same things you will. Life is just great like that. But it is awesome because you do usually have friends that experience things with you and the ones that experience these things with you are the ones that know you the best. That is how they become your best friend because not only do they understand you, they understand why you are the way you are. And this summer those friends have been Jon and Abby. They have been there for it all. And it has been amazing. Here are some of my favorite pictures that will give just a small glance at our summer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update of My Life

Well I just finished another semester at BYU.  People always told me that college went fast.  And now I know first hand that it does! I just can't believe that a whole semester has  gone by again. And now I have gone home, seen my family for about 5 days, and am off to Disney World for a Summer Internship.  And I must say it was one of my hardest decisions yet to come here and leave my family for most of the summer.  But after a few days, I realize that it was a good choice.  And I am going to be happy here.  I have made friends and I am excited about my job here.  I am doing quick food and beverage service in the West Stands of the Magic Kingdom.  I think I will really enjoy it.  Also I think if anything this experience will just give me more experience in the working world.  I mean it is a long time to work and there will be hard days, but I will have to keep working.  Also already it is so different from BYU and I think it will also help me to realize how lucky I am for being able to go to BYU. I mean I always loved it but now this will just make me love it more!  And appreciate it more.  Anyways but we went to a dance the second night we got here and here are a few pictures :)