Friday, May 1, 2009

Update of My Life

Well I just finished another semester at BYU.  People always told me that college went fast.  And now I know first hand that it does! I just can't believe that a whole semester has  gone by again. And now I have gone home, seen my family for about 5 days, and am off to Disney World for a Summer Internship.  And I must say it was one of my hardest decisions yet to come here and leave my family for most of the summer.  But after a few days, I realize that it was a good choice.  And I am going to be happy here.  I have made friends and I am excited about my job here.  I am doing quick food and beverage service in the West Stands of the Magic Kingdom.  I think I will really enjoy it.  Also I think if anything this experience will just give me more experience in the working world.  I mean it is a long time to work and there will be hard days, but I will have to keep working.  Also already it is so different from BYU and I think it will also help me to realize how lucky I am for being able to go to BYU. I mean I always loved it but now this will just make me love it more!  And appreciate it more.  Anyways but we went to a dance the second night we got here and here are a few pictures :)