Friday, May 1, 2009

Update of My Life

Well I just finished another semester at BYU.  People always told me that college went fast.  And now I know first hand that it does! I just can't believe that a whole semester has  gone by again. And now I have gone home, seen my family for about 5 days, and am off to Disney World for a Summer Internship.  And I must say it was one of my hardest decisions yet to come here and leave my family for most of the summer.  But after a few days, I realize that it was a good choice.  And I am going to be happy here.  I have made friends and I am excited about my job here.  I am doing quick food and beverage service in the West Stands of the Magic Kingdom.  I think I will really enjoy it.  Also I think if anything this experience will just give me more experience in the working world.  I mean it is a long time to work and there will be hard days, but I will have to keep working.  Also already it is so different from BYU and I think it will also help me to realize how lucky I am for being able to go to BYU. I mean I always loved it but now this will just make me love it more!  And appreciate it more.  Anyways but we went to a dance the second night we got here and here are a few pictures :)


Katie Frances said...

I hope you have the best time at Disneyworld! I miss you so much, but I know I will see you sometimes!! lol
And yes, college goes by way too fast. It will be over before we know it.

Emily said...

Hey, bekah! How are you? You look gorgeous in these pics, girl! I love you so much, and hope we get to go down there, i mean, florida this summer to visit Miss Gorgeous!! hahaha I know you are way busy, but post some posts! I want to see how your life is going as a college girl/miss gorgeous/disney world worker!! hahaha I love you bunches! Email and call me!!

'Lil Sister Emily :)

Rebekah Coenen said...

Thanks Em! You are always so sweet to me! And I hope you get to come visit me too! That would be awesome! And Katie! I can not wait to see you!! Seriously it will be such a happy day! I hope you summer goes wonderfully! I love you both and miss you both greatly!!

Emily said...

yeah and you should check your gmail too! hahaha i know you are super busy though! hahaha i bet you are having the time of your life there! i cannot wait until college comes for me! hahaha LONG TIME AWAY! but i need to enjoy childhood while i have it! hahaha

Love ya,
Em :)

Emily said...

Bekah! Please post more! I would love to see more! So when you have the time, email me, and post more! I cannot wait until you come home!! You left your decorative/crazy/reversible jacket in the van.... LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A NEW JACKET! hahaha!