Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Day! All Is Well!

I love how the Lord speaks to us in common, yet unexpected ways. I was driving today while listening to a cd of hymns that I made about 8 months ago. But today after all the times I have listened to this cd and this song throughout my life, it touched my heart. It was "Come, Come Ye Saints". I have listened and sung this song countless times, but one line really hit me today. It was the first line of the fourth verse that says, "And should we die before our journey is through, Happy Day! All is Well!". As I heard that line I thought, do I feel that way? Do I feel that if I were to die right now, before my journey is through, that all is well? I am not sure if I feel that way, which scared me. I thought of the Saints crossing the plains while singing this song and all that they were enduring. I was jealous that they felt that way. I am not sure I could stand before my Savior today and say all is well with me. I still have so many weaknesses and habits I need to change in my life. I need to be a lot better about so many things. I think mainly I suffer from sins of omission. I need to better myself in all the areas I feel inadequate, to make sure that if I am called before my journey is through that I can say, "Happy Day! All is Well!".


Kirsten and Steve said...

Great insights! We miss you tons. How is life at BYU?

Rebekah Coenen said...

Oh Kirst! Thanks! And BYU life is just wonderful! Just doing school and BYUSA this summer :) How is NYC?! Are you guys coming out this summer??