Sunday, April 25, 2010

A New Goal

So in Relief Society today we talked about President Monson's talk from October Conference entitled "What Have I Done for Someone Today?". I have decided that I do not do enough small acts of service on a day to day basis. I feel like I do plenty of stuff on the big side of service, but not enough of the personal level, which is equally important. So I have a new goal. I am going to do one act of service for someone in need everyday. I plan to pray in the morning to be guided in this and then reflect later in the day. I small acts of service are a great way to become more Christ-like and come to know Him, which was the other part of our lesson today. I think the best way to become Christ-like and come to know and love Him is to emulate Him and follow His example. He was constantly serving those in need, and He searched for the one, even when it wasn't convenient. I want to follow His example and serve those in need. I think as I serve others I will come closer to Christ and this practice will improve my life in countless ways.


kira said...

ahh. Bek. You Rock! BTW, we are moving to Sandy this weekend. I want to plan a lunch date with you guys!

Rebekah Coenen said...

Oh thanks Kira! And yes I would love a lunch date! I would also love to come and babysit for you guys sometime this summer! Just one of the nights when you and aaron need to get away for a little bit :)

Mary Martha said...

i didn't realize you had a blog. Keep posting girl