Friday, November 14, 2008


So above are the pictures of my siblings that I am going to talk about!

I decided to write a little about my family because I am about to go home and visit them and they are also a big part of my life.  I am the oldest of 8 kids.  Seven of which are girls and then there is Dan, our one and only boy!  I am just going to talk a little about each of them in order. They all really just make me so happy!!

 First I will start at the end, with my littlest sister Sarah, who is 4.  She is about the cutest thing you will ever see!  She is four and just as sassy and opinionated as they come.  She doesn't miss a thing either.  She always knows exactly what is going on around her.  I will never forget the first time I talked to her while I was at BYU the first thing she ask was "How are all the boys?".  Haha She is the definitely the light of our family! 

 Next there is my sister Lauren, who is 6.  She is an absolute sweetheart.  She is really smart and loves school.  I remember one time her teacher told us that she actually ask for more homework!  She also has a wonderful sense of humor and is pretty much the perfect girl.   

 Next is my sister Marianne, who is 8.  She is in second grade and loving it!  She is loves her teacher and is doing well.  Marianne is quite special because she possibly does the best horse noise I have ever heard.  It is awesome! And also she actually thinks she is a horse at times, which is pretty amazing too.   She is very fun and keeps us all in touch with nature.

 Then there is Emily, who is 10.  She is in the 4th grade and the smartest one there!  She is a very hard worker and is majorly disappointed if she doesn’t get a 100 on every test!  I wish I had her motivation, and out look!  She is also the one who keeps us all in line.  She is always reminding us of the things we should be doing.  She is a wonderful part of our family!

 Then there is Madeleine, who is 13.  Madeleine is amazing.  I have never received better advice from anyone.  Even though she is younger, she is the most down to earth and perceptive girl I have ever met.  She is also smart and works hard at school.  I mainly love her so much because she is the nicest girl.  She seriously would not hurt a fly! 

 Then there is the boy of the family, Dan.  Dan is 14 and just learned how to drive.  He is also the best boy I have ever met.  He is just so near perfect.  He is a genius that made a 32 on his ACT as a freshman, and is striving for a perfect score!  He also does the best in all his classes.   He also has this dry sarcasm, which is the best to be around.  Mainly he is just the nicest guy ever.  He is very considerate and loving to all those around, even though he is sometimes not great at showing it!  

 Finally there is Celine.  She is 17 and absolutely the best person ever!  She is my best friend and I miss her dearly.  She has gotten me though it all!  She is the rock in my life.  If I ever need anything I know I can call her and just talk to her.  She is always there and if the best advice giver/ comforter around!  On top of that she is smart and just beautiful!  It just amazes me how wonderful she is every time I am in her presence!  And I think about daily how much I wish she were here to be with me! 

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