Monday, November 10, 2008

Preference 2008

Our BYUSA group = so much fun!
(Me, Ryan, Ben, Liz, Ian's date, and Ian)
yeah we are pretty cool
Haha this is Ben and me trying to take a perfect picture with our legs out behind us... Apparently, I didn't have the coordination!
All of us together
Our High School Musical Picture
(Lance, Chelsea, Jeff S., Me, Ian, Erin, Jeff H., Michelle, Josh, Kim)
We were a pretty intense group...
And we can all strike a pose...
The girls were gorgeous!

So this last weekend was preference!  It was a blast!  On Friday night I took Ben Gardner and had a fabulous time volunteering/ ice skating/ playing break the ice with him!! Then Saturday night some girls in our ward got together and asked some guys from our ward.  It was so much fun!  I took Jeff Skanchy and had an amazing time!  There are some pictures as proof of our fun! 

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