Monday, November 17, 2008


I was just thinking about how time can change things.  It is so weird to look back even a month ago and think about the people that I hung out with, crushed on, and cared most about.  My life has changed so much in such a short time.  It just really got me thinking about how people just come and go and same with joys and hardships.  One year at EFY I went to this class on perspective.  In the class the teacher started out by talking about how old we are in the Lord's time and then the same for President Hinckley.  And we figured out that President Hinckley was only a little bit older than 2 hours.  Then he explained that if we think of our hard times and trials on this time table it will be so much easier to bear.  We can realize that they will all be over soon and just be a small part of our past.  He also told us that we signed up for these trials.  And we looked at them and thought that we could definitely handle them because it was short time.  For example those who have terrible accidents or mental disabilities all looked at the Lord and said sure I can handle that, I mean it will only be a few hours.  And most of us don't have trials that long or that devastating.  This idea really hit me hard.  It made me realize that our trials really are "only but a short time".  If we look at everything this way it makes life so much easier and enjoyable.  And also just treasure time so much more.  I mean time comes and goes so fast!  We just really need to make sure we are treasuring all our time here and love life more!  It is so wonderful! 

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