Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend

So this last weekend was Halloween weekend!  It was probably one of the best Halloweens that I can remember besides the fact that I wasn't able to take my little sisters trick-or-treating.  It is so hard to see pictures of them all dress up and having fun and realizing that I will never get that time back with them.  But it is a great knowing that they are at least having fun!  Anyways our ward had a dress-up dance on Tuesday night and it was so fun!  My roommate Erin and I dressed up as gangsters.  It was so fun because we wore boxers, guy pants, guy shirts, and flat billed hats! I must admit we felt quite manly! :) And the dance was just fun in general to see all the crazy/sweet costumes that everyone had!  Then we also ask guys to preference with pumpkins.  They had to dig through the pumpkin and find pennies with the letters to our name on them and then spell out our name.  It was probably way more fun for us then it was for them!  I asked a guy in my ward.  It was slightly awkward because he is just someone random that I know likes to dance.  Like he didn't even have my number! haha  But either way I think it will be fun (or I hope)!  So on Friday night, Halloween night, we went to a guy's house from our ward.  It was really fun because it was basically a ward activity and we watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest.  It was awesome!! Then on Saturday I went on a peaceful bike ride up to Orem and back.  I love these Saturday morning bike rides I have been taking.  They are a good workout while also relaxing and thinking.  Then I went to play mud football in a field behind one of the guy's houses in our ward.  It was possibly one of the most fun things I have ever done!! We got COVERED in mud from head to toe!  The mud fight at the end was the best! Then after that extravaganza we had a surprise birthday party for another guy from our ward.  It was also very fun and quite a success!   Next I went slack-lining.  This was so much fun!  I have done it one time before and I have kind of lost my grasp of it a little, but we plan to go back soon!  And then we went to watch the BYU vs. CSU football game at my roommate, Michelle Peterson's house.  It was also wonderful because first off there were a ton of people from our ward there which was so fun! And then second off it was a realllly intense game, where we ended up winning! Not that I would know much of how awesome the game was, because this guy from my ward taught me how to do a backflip during at least half of it! But I can now proudly say that I can almost do a backflip alone on the trampoline after about an hour of work! I am still completely set on getting it down as soon as possible!  Anyways and then we ended our wonderful weekend by watching the movie Hook with a group of people.  And then of course we had fast Sunday which are my favorite Sundays of all! So this was just a near perfect weekend and I love my ward! 

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