Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love at Home

I love coming home.  Especially after being gone for so long; time makes everything sweeter. All the smells, the pictures around the house, and the family phrases that I used to think were normal and everyday things I now treasure and love to be around. I love just being around my family.  I love to hear them all say the little things that they always have said. I never realized how much I loved those little things until I didn't hear them everyday.  It is also hard to realize that they have new parts of their life that I don't know about. Maybe it is self-centered but I hate to know that their lives go on without me here.  It is so hard to know that they are growing and learning without me here to witness it all.  But it is okay, they are all growing up to be such wonderful people.  For family home evening we had a testimony meeting.  It was so great to hear the testimonies of each of my siblings.  It just made me realize how blessed I am to be raised in the gospel with a family that is so amazing and strong.  I am so thankful that families can be together forever.  I just love it all so much! I especially love coming home because all the love felt in our home rejuvenates me and makes me prepared to go back out on my own again.  I love how every time I come home I grow and become a better person just from the examples of my younger siblings.  I learn something new from each one of them. My parents have done such a good job! I love coming home for all the fun games that we play.  I love coming home for all the fun activities we do as a family.  I love coming home for the relaxation time we have.  Basically I just love coming home!


Emily Coenen said...

Dan got a blog! It is! You should check Dan's and mine. i put up somme new posts!!

Emily said...

Now Madeleine!!

Ryan said...

i think you need to post again!